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RemoteLender® Loan Origination Software

The Challenge

Many loan origination systems assume all financial institutions follow the same “cookie-cutter” process when originating loans. This assumption limits lenders’ abilities to be efficient, increase productivity and reduce costs in order to meet their specific lending needs. Consequently, lenders are trapped using generic loan origination systems.

The Solution

The RemoteLender® Loan Origination System allows lenders to process, underwrite and close loans around individual business models through complete customization and flexibility. RemoteLender is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution which alleviates the costs of installing, operating and maintaining the software on the server of the financial institution. Our team of experts will install, maintain and support a dedicated server
which will include the hardware, operating system, database software and the RemoteLender Loan Origination Software. The benefits of implementing a SaaS-based loan origination solution include:

  1. Lower initial costs due to the elimination of licensed software fees
  2. Lower infrastructure costs due to the loan origination software residing on a remote server
  3. Fewer in-house personnel due to ease of maintenance
  4. Increased efficiency due to consolidation of technologies

RemoteLender® Loan Origination System

RemoteLender is a “rules-based” loan origination system that can be customized to originate, underwrite, process, and close Mortgage, Consumer, and Commercial loans. During the implementation phase, Specialized Data Systems can provide hands on
support and assistance to help identify your institution’s unique and specific products, workflow, and compliance requirements.

Specialized Data Systems will monitor changes in the marketplace and be proactive to ensure compliance to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. We will take a lead role in addressing industry compliance requirements and make sure interfaces to third party providers are delivered on time. In addition we will provide project management services to ensure your investment is maximized, without incurring expenses due to vendor services

RemoteLender provides customization which will address lenders individualized lending requirements through:

  • Customized workflow based technology using staging functionalities
  • Integrated product eligibility and pricing engine capabilities
  • Superior interface to third party providers
  • Document Imaging and automatic link of attachments
  • Integrated “Doc Prep” functionality using RemoteForms or RemoteLender forms
  • Conversation Logs using “Sticky Notes” feature for recording conversations & follow-up items
  • Advanced reporting capabilities
  • Enhanced audit and security features
  • Customized queries and work queues
  • Built in compliance testing

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